Tekken 6 PPSSPP ISO CSO PSP Apk for Android Mobile

Tekken Game has been very popular from the old times. Here will be very few people who have not heard the name of Tekken game. Now Tekken 6 Apk Game is bringing changes with the game, which comes with a lot of advanced graphics today. Tekken game’s is a fighting game series created by a Namco Bandai game company. Namco Bandai company is from Tokyo Japan, which is very popular for making fighting games.Tekken 6 Apk

Tekken 6 game has a lot of new advance fight stage, at the time of fight, you can break any wall or floor and go to the other fight area. This game has a lot of new advance fight stage, at the time of fight, you can break any wall or floor and go to the other fight area. And that’s not all. You have more new characters, which you can select and play.

Features of Game

  • You can play this game in multiplayer mode.
  • Many stage options like Arcade Mode, Story Mode in Tekken 6.
  • New characters, which you can customize too.
  • HD graphics and surround sound.

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What do you need to play Tekken 6 Apk game?

  1. PPSSPP Emulator
  2. Tekken 6 ISO/CSO


Tekken 6 PPSSPP Tekken 6 PPSSPP

Download here

APK- PPSSPP Emulator

ISO- Tekken 6 ISO

How to Install Tekken 6 Apk on PPSSPP Android?

Step 1. First of all you have to download the APK of PPSSPP emulator and the WWE 2k17 ISO file.

Step 2. After downloading PPSSPP emulator and ISO, you have to copy these APK and ISO files into your phone Internal or External Storage.

Step 3. After copying, go to the phone’s file manager and install the APK file that you copied in previous step.

Step 4. After the PPSSPP APK is installed on your phone, the PPSSPP icon will appear on your phone. Which you have to open and select the ISO which was copied to your phone.

Step 5. After you select it, the game will be activated on the phone, which you can play. Some times the game is lagging a bit on some phone’s. You can play the game smoothly by applying the settings below.

How to Install Tekken 6 on Windows/Computer/Laptop/Mac?

Step 1. First you have to download the software of PPSSPP emulator and the ISO file of Tekken 6 from above link.

Step 2. After download Tekken 6 and PPSSPP Emulator software, you have to install PPSSPP Emulator on the computer.

Step 3. After the software is installed on your system, PPSSPP’s icon will appear on your desktop screen, which you have to start by double clicking.

Step 4. After selecting the game you can play Tekken 6. This game runs smoothly on any Windows computer and laptop. If the game is lagging on your computer. Try the below settings.

Tekken 6 PPSSPP Settings

Tekken 6 ISO Settings Tekken 6 PPSSPP Settings Tekken 6 PSP Settings Tekken 6 Android PPSSPP Settings Tekken 6 Android Settings Tekken 6 Settings

In this article, you have read a lot about tekken 6 games and here you will find Tekken 6 game ISO and emulator to download and how to install both files on your Android phone and Windows computer.

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