Minecraft – Pocket Edition APK MOD Android [Latest] [Premium] [Unlocked] [ Final]

Minecraft-pocket Edition Androids game in spite of its great sales the game was able to score 4.5 from 5.0 with more than 8500.000 votes.you have to know minecraft is not a graphical game but Its unique design will attract you! If you ‘re interested in an Android – specific games and if You ‘re looking for an Android – based game Do not miss the Minecraft – Pocket Edition APK MOD Android [Latest] [Premium] [Unlocked] [ Final] in any way.Minecraft – Pocket Edition APK MOD Android [Latest] [Premium] [Unlocked] [ Final]

The most popular and most entertaining arcade and intellectual game from the mojang gaming studio its various versions are available for different operating systems and To request users we’re going to introduce the Android version!

The latest android version of minecraft pocket edition apk mod sells for $ 6.99 on Google Play and up to this moment more than 10,000,000 copies have been purchased and this is a real surprise for a monetary game with this price!

Changes update:

These features are works in progress but wanted the opportunity to get early feedback from you. Please report any bugs on bugs.mojang.com . Post thoughts and suggestions to feedback.minecraft.net.

New Features:

  • Pandas spawn in jungles
  • Stray Cats now spawn in villages
  • Cats can be tamed using fish
  • Phantoms are afraid of cats
  • Ocelots are no longer tamable
  • Players can feed ocelots to gain their trust
  • Bamboo can be found while fishing in jungles and appear in some chests
  • Several Bug Fixes

Minecraft – Pocket Edition Apk Mod 1 Beta :

  1. Unlocked premium skins
  2. Unlocked premium texture
  3. Apk Mod 2 Beta :
  4. Unlocked premium skins
  5. Unlocked premium texture
  6. No damage mod
  7. Unlimited breath
  8. Max Inventory Size
  9. hit kill with weapons
  10. Infinite furnace fire
  11. Max score
  12. Indestructible Tools

Download here


This Minecraft APK MOD Android [Latest] [Premium] [Unlocked] [ Final] Tested on my Lenovo Z2 Plus and Moto G5 Plus and this is stable and latest version of modded Minecraft Pocket Edition.

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